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Our YouTube channel is home to various media and music videos that WIMB uses.  To include coverage of our articles and book reviews as they are compiled.  Subscribe to our channel, and share our videos.


Facebook is one of our primary social media platforms that allows us to discuss topics and engage in conversations with our audience.  It is also provides the most up to date goings-on with WIMB.  Like our Facebook and share our posts!


Twitter is our supporting social media platform for those that prefer it over other like Facebook and LinkedIn.  While the character limit will limit the size and scope of posts, we can still engage audiences there that prefer that platform.  Follow us on Twitter!


LinkedIn is our primary platform for engagements with the business community.  Professionals reside on LinkedIn, and so do we.  Similar content will be posted on LinkedIn, with the inclusion of documents that many will find beneficial in the study of military theory, principles, and tenets.

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For those interested in reaching out directly to us for some particular business proposition, question about the direction of the property, or any inquiry really, feel free to use this to contact us.

We are all about bridging the civil-military divide, and will happily work with the community to finds ways to work together.

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