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The Science

A well-structured thesis is based on a foundation of scientific understanding in order to support all future arguments. In discussing the science behind innovating business through the study of war and conflict we need this presupposition in order to move forward. Understanding why things are irrevocably linked within nature; indeed the fundamental laws that bound the workings of the universe, we can see how connections are possible and implement them to other sectors accordingly.  All good arguments have a foundation based on logical and reasonable conclusions derived from a scientific perspective.  This is the foundation for War Is My Business.

Why should a business study military theory?


This introduction covers the value you should come to expect when beginning to study the principles and tenets of warriors.  How some have tried to do so, and why some of them have failed to succeed.

Standard Model, Fundamenta Interactions, Fundemental Forces, Quarks, Leptons, Forces, Gravity, Electromagnetism, Nuclear Forces

Why the fundamental forces of our universe?


In the process to justify why analogies from military examples can work for your business, we start with the beginning of literally everything.  Showing how all of the things of our universe are made up of basic forces.

gunpowder, tang dynasty, chinese black powder, china discovery

What are the complex applications?


The nature of the fundamental forces leads to their applications in complex arrangements.  The cosmos, chemicals, thermodynamics, which lead to the eventual development of life.

How does life and evolution build humanity?


Since we are focused on human endeavors, we would be amiss to skip past how humanity came to be. Additionally, the conditions that shaped our species have led us to perceive everything in a unique way, which, in turn, shaped the nature of our endeavors.

What in humans shapes war and business?


Humans have a complex sensory system that feeds information to the various cortices in our brain.  Our brains use this information to infer the nature of the world, and we shape our endeavors based on these inferences.  This leads to unique characteristics human groups which, in turn, lead to humans influencing each other.

Why bridge the divide?


First, this section is about focusing on how business and warfare have commonalities, as a result of everything we have covered so far.  Second, by identifying these commonalities we can reaffirm why military examples are applicable to business.

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